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it's arriving the new set made by LS model exclusively for Pi.r.a.t.a. in only 150 sets  (delivery from 20th of July)

The set PI96016, which represents a section of a typical Italian-Autozug Germany, consists of 2 sleeping cars type WLABmz 173.1 liveried DBAG, DBAG logo red rectangle CNL white / red and light gray roof with nails, era V / VI

These sleeping cars, which differ from the other produced so far thanks to the particular coating of the roof, which presents in correspondence of the rows of nails, formed x long section beds, sometimes with the addition of another carriage of same type, number of Autozug Italy / Germany, including the Autozug AZ13321 Verona-Dusseldorf, just represented here, as well as the Autozug AZ13386 Verona-Altona- Hamburg and many other international night trains passed in Italy in last years.

The photos are exactly those of the two coaches that make up the set (service numbers 021-9 and 030-0) while stationed at Verona PN waiting to leave x Dusseldorf.

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